Media Studies

See publications on critical media studies, post-network television, legal series and Homeland.

  • Moderation of the podium discussion “Herkunft als Falle? Journalismus und Migration im 21. Jahrhundert” (6 June 2017) at the University of Giessen
  • Lecture: “Drones, Affects, and Visibility” (7 July 2016) University of Tübingen
  • Paper: “Sinking their Teeth into the Cultural Imaginary: On the Renewed Appeal of Vampires” at the Workshop “Mythos Vampire” (24 June 2016)
  • Paper: “Kompetenz or Literacy: What does media pedagogy want?” at the Workshop Digitale Literaliät? (15 January 2016) University of Giessen
  • Project: Learning Media Literacy through Creative Means (2015-2016)
  • Talk: “Visual Unreliability and the Questioning of Security Measures in Homeland” at Professor Susanne Opfermanns’s Amerikanistik-Kolloquium (1 December 2015) University of Frankfurt
  • Keynote: “Are Legal Facts Co-Determined by the CSI Effect?” at the Workshop “Issues of Fact: The Pathologies of Fact and the Fictitious in Law and the Humanities” (25 September 2015) Erasmus School of Law and Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, Rotterdam