• Paper: “The Seductions of Conservatism: On Interpreting Fifty Shades of Grey” (10 February 2017) at the conference “Cultures of US-American Conservatism,” University of Göttingen
  • Lecture: “Pluralist Perspectives on Pluralism and Feminism” at the alumnae meeting of the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung Fast Track: Exzellenz und Führungskompetenz für Wissenschaftlerinnen auf der Überholspur on „Facetten des Pluralismus“ (15 April 2016) Kloster Johannisberg in Rheingau-Geisenheim, Hessen
  • Paper: “Lusting after Patriarchy: Fifty Shades of Grey, False Consciousness, and the Negotiation of the Heterosexual Economy” at the workshop “Libidinal Economy” (28 May 2015) International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture, University of Giessen
  • Paper: “The Politics of Gender in So-Called Quality Television” in the Panel on The Politics of Form, International Conference on Narrative (7 March 2015), Chicago, Illinois
  • Response: A Trans-Atlantic Feminist Response to Sonia Allinson Penny’s lecture on “Gender Economics” (29 January 2015) Giessen International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture
  • Moderation: “Die Frau ist vollendet – Biographie und Kunstfigur: Perspektiven auf das Selbstverständnis der Frau bei Sylvia Plath und heutigen Schriftstellerinnen,” Thementag mit Lesungen (23 November 2013) Das katholische Bildungs- und Kulturzentrum im Frankfurt am Main
  • Paper: “The Political Limits of Gender as a Concept and the Object of Gender Studies” at the conference “Gender as a Cultural Act: Genealogies, Practices and Imaginations,” Sociology Department, University of Giessen (12 October 2012)
  • Paper: “The Legal Creation of Old Age – A Gender Problem” at the conference “The Cultural Politics of Ageing in the Nineteenth Century: Interdisciplinary Perspectives,” (25 November 2011) University of Regensburg
  • Public lecture: “Twilight’s Seduction – The (Re)newed Cultural Appeal of Vampires” at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches-Zentrum/James-F.-Byrnes-Institut e.V., Stuttgart (23 November 2011)
  • Paper: “The Cultural Work of Two Women Judge Shows: Judge Judy and Richterin Barbara Salesch” at the conference “Recht und Moral. Mediale Konstellationen gesellschaftlicher Selbstverständigung über ‚Verbrechen‘ vom 17. bis zum 21. Jahrhundert,” University of Kiel (21 October 2011)
  • Paper: “Recovering from the Men We Loved to Hate: Post 9/11 Images of Masculinity” at the transdisciplinary symposium “9/11 – Ten Years After, Looking Ahead,” University of Bonn (10 September 2011)
  • Paper: “Weighing in on Obama: Connections between Weight, Class, and Manliness in the States and Germany” at the conference “Obama and the Paradigm Shift – The Measure of Change in the US and Germany,” University of Giessen (2 July 2011)
  • Public Lecture: “Women as Torturers at Abu Ghraib” at the conference “Gender Dynamics and Legal Culture – Tradition and Transformation,” University of Copenhagen (7 October 2010)
  • Keynote: “Gender Conservatism in Two Women Judge Shows: Judge Judy and Richterin Barbara Salesch,“ Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen (6 October 2010)

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