Greta Olson is a general editor of the European Journal of English Studies and served as a co-opted member of the steering committee of the European Narratology Network.

  • Keynote: “The Precarity of the Factual in the Face of the Onslaught of Passion” (13 January 2018) at the Conference “Precarious Representations” at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Paper: “The Ideological Work of Images of Refugeeism” (15 June 2017) at the Workshop “Narrative in Question,” organized by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Narrative Studies, University of York
  • Talk: “The Criminalization and Ethnosexualization of Migrant Men in Germany after the 2015 Attacks in Cologne” ( 27 May 2017) at the Workshop “Narrating Crimes,” organized by the Research Project «A Narratology of the Criminal Case» funded by the University of Bergen and the Research Council of Norway
  • Talk: “Tropes” (4 May 2017) at the Conference “Fictionality in Literature: Core Concepts Revisited” Aarhus University
  • Paper: “Pathologizing Human Rights” at the Conference “The Migration-Human Rights Nexus“ (1 July 2016) University of Giessen
  • Chair and panel conception: “Narrative Analysis as Political Critique” and paper “Refugee Women as a Feminist Project and as a Challenge to Western Feminism” at the 2016 Conference of the International Society for the Study of Narrative (16 June 2016) University of Amsterdam
  • Paper: “Narrative, Metaphor and Concepts of Justice and Legal Systems” at the Symposium “Narrative, Metaphor and Concepts of Justice in Varying Legal Systems” (30 January 2016) Stanford University
  • Featured speaker: Contemporary Narrative Session of the International Conference on Narrative: „Taking the ‚Narrow‘ out of Narratology – Towards the Integration of Critical, Culturalist Narratologies“(28 June 2013), University of Manchester
  • Paper: „Romancing the Non-Human Animal“ at the conference „the re/turn of the nonhuman in the study of culture: concepts – concerns – challenges“ (28 May 2013). International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture, University of Giessen
  • Conference Opening: „The Significance of Coetzee Studies for the Study of Culture“ at the conference „Recognizing the Other – Discourses of Alterity in J. M. Coetzee and His Contexts,“ University of Gießen (26 October 2012)
  • Paper: „The Legal Creation of Old Age – A Gender Problem“ at the conference „The Cultural Politics of Ageing in the Nineteenth Century: Interdisciplinary Perspectives,“ University of Regensburg (25 November 2011)
  • Paper: „Poverty and Animal Studies in the Dickensian Cultural Moment“ at the Anglistentag 2011, University of Freiburg (20 September 2011)
  • Paper: „Narratives or Cognitive Metaphors“ at the conference „Working with Stories: Narrative as a Meeting Place for Theory, Analysis and Practice,“ European Narratology Network. University of Southern Denmark, Kolding (10 March 2011)
  • Paper: „Metaphors and Cultural Transference“ for the symposium „Metaphors Shaping Culture and Theory,“ Rauischholzhausen Castle, University of Gießen (28-31 January 2009)
  • Public lecture: „Criminalizing Animals and ‚Beastializing‘ Criminals – Rogue Pamphlets,“ Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (11 December 2008)
  • Public lecture: „Criminalizing Animals and Making Animals out of Rogues – Early Modern Crime Literature,“ University of Berne, Switzerland (24 September 2008)
  • Roundtable discussant: „Ideology and Metaphor“ at the European Society for the Study of English Conference. Århus, Denmark (22-26 August 2008).
  • Lecture: „Evolving Images of Beasts in Eighteenth-Century Britain“ at: Anglistentag 2007 in Münster (23 – 26 September 2007), Sektion I „Defining the Human: Man-Animal Relations in Literature“
  • Lecture: „Literarische Reflektionen zur Ethik im Umgang mit Tieren“ (Literary Reflections on Animal Ethics) for the WS 2006 – 2007 Ringvorlesung Literatur und Ethik, Freiburg University (February 2007)
  • Lecture: „Forms of Silencing and Disgrace: The Subjugation of Animals and Torture in Abu Ghraib Prison with responses in J. M. Coetzee’s Fiction,“ Basel University (November 2006)
  • Paper: „‚Criminal Beasts‘ or Animal Liberation Philosophy-Why are we so confused about animals?“ at: Between Three: Arts – Media – Politics, International Association for Philosophy and Literature, Freiburg University (June 2006)
  • Paper: „The Oppress’d‘ or Merciless Canibals?: Confusions about Prisoners in the Eighteenth Century“ for the panel „Prison in the Eighteenth Century“ at the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies. Montreal, Canada (April 2006)
  • Paper: „Sexual Selection, Fiction, and Culture“ for the seminar „Science and Contemporary Literature: Convergences/Divergences“ at ESSE 7, Saragossa University (September 2004)
  • Paper: „Criminal Bodies in Literature and Penology“ at the conference „The Body as Interface: Dialogues between the Disciplines,“ Bonn University (June 2003)

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