NEW: Greta Olson, Daniel Hartley, Mirjam Horn-Schott, and Leonie Schmidt, eds. Beyond Gender: Futures of Feminist and Sexuality Studies – An Advanced Introduction. Abingdon: Routledge, 2018.

Beyond Gender documents the diversification of gender-related disciplines and struggles, arguing for a multidisciplinary approach to issues formerly subsumed under the unified field of gender studies. It explains current debates and historicizes terms such as first, second, and third-wave feminism, intersectionality, cis, trans*, queer*, social reproduction theory, and homonormativity.

The essays in Part I – “Undoing Gender Studies – Theoretical Positions” – demonstrate how the concept of gender has been critiqued by theories pertaining to masculinity, feminism, and sexuality. Readers are offered insights into feminist- and sexuality-related research in sociolinguistics, masculinity studies, social reproduction theory, and intersectionality. The essays in Part II – “Forms of Practice – Doing the After of Gender Studies” – illustrate how the binary and hierarchical ordering system of gender has been troubled or overcome in practice: in queer performance, legal critique, the classroom, and textual analysis. All of the essays envision alternative ways of theorizing and practising gender and sexuality.

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