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Recent Publications

  • Olson, Greta (2023). “Why Rechtsgefühle? Why do people have impassioned feelings about justice and the law? The Turn to Affect in Legal Studies” Feelings about Justice/Law: The Relevance of Affect to the Development of Law in Pluralistic Legal Cultures // Rechtsgefühle. Die Relevanz des Affektiven für die Rechtsentwicklung in pluralen Rechtskulturen. Ed. Thorsten Keiser, Greta Olson and Franz Reimer. Baden Baden: Nomos Verlag. 17-53.
  • Olson, Greta (2023). “Metaphor“ / “Metaphoric Fictionality in Poems about Migration and in Anti-Immigration Discourse.” Fictionality and Literature: Core Concepts Revisited. Eds. Lasse Raaby Gammelgaard, Stefan Iversen, Louise Brix Jacobsen, James Phelan, Richard Walsh, Henrik Zetterberg-Nielsen, and Simona Zetterberg-Nielsen. Ohio State UP. 182-211.
  • Majeske, Andrew and Greta Olson (2022). Review of Greta Olson’s From Law and Literature to Legality and Affect followed by a Question and Answer Exchange with Greta Olson. New American Studies Journal Vol. 73: Law, Literature, and the Idea of Justice.
  • Olson, Greta (2022). “Legal Facts, Affective Truths, and Changing Narratives in Trials Involving Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo.” Routledge Companion to Narrative Theory. Ed. Paul Dawson and Maria Mäkelä, London and New York: Routledge. 179-192.
  • Olson, Greta and Elisabeth Lechner (2022). “#Feminist – Debating Controversies and Points of Joy in Current Feminisms,” Patriarchal backlashes to feminism in times of crisis. Ed. Florence Binard and Renate Haas, The European Journal of the Study of English 26.2 (Taylor & Francis). 292-321.
  • Olson, Greta and Laura Borchert (2022). “Transing” / “Narrative Authority, Affective Unreliability, and Transing Law,” Research Handbook in Law and Literature. Ed. Daniela Gandorfer, Cecilia Gebruers, and Peter Goodrich. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. 378-400.
  • Olson, Greta (2021). “Afterword – Trans* Time and the Internationalization of Trans Studies.” Trans* Time: Projecting Transness in European (TV) Series. Ed. Danae Gallo González. Frankfurt am Main: Campus Verlag. 191-202.
  • Olson, Greta (2020). “Being in Uncertainty: Thinking the Coronavirus Pandemic.” In the Realm of Corona Normativities. A Momentary Snapshot of a Dynamic Discourse. Ed. Werner Gephart. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann. 425-32.
  • Olson, Greta (2020). “Love and Hate Online – Affect Politics in the Era of Trump.” Violence and Trolling on Social Media: History, Affect, and Effects of Online Vitriol. Ed. Sara Polak, and Daniel Trottier. Amsterdam: Amsterdam UP. 156-77.
  • Olson, Greta with Janna Wessels (2020). “Imag(in)ing Human Rights: Deindividualizing, Victimizing, and Universalizing Images of Refugees in the United States and Germany.” The State of Human Rights: Historical Genealogies, Historical Controversies, and Cultural Imaginaries. Ed. Kerstin Schmidt, foreword by Saskia Sassen. Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter. 249-64.


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