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Alternatives to Writing a Term Paper

Reading journals can be written in different ways. Please see excellent examples by: Ina Alexandra Machura for the Seminar “Law and Literature” (SS 2012)
Louis Bördner for the seminar “Lusting After Submission? The Cultural Politics of Fifty Shades of Grey (WS 2015/16)
Yvonne Zeiss for the Seminar “Migraton/Law/Gender” (WS 2016/17)
Lea Kassandra Karachaliou for the Seminar “Trump and the Alternative for Germany – The Politics of Gender” (SS 2019)

Example of a creative approach to critical media analysis by Eileen Willweber and Judith Pech: Mindmap , Imaginary_TranscriptMood_Board

Demonstration of the importance of types of music in TV interpretation by Stephanie Lotzow: Music and Manipulation: A Sound Experiment (SS 2015)

Example of a portfolio by Dorothea Seibert for the Lecture “From Proto-Feminism to Queer Studies and Beyond” (WS 2015/16), and one by Daniela Marina Schulz „You Might as Well Call Ma A ‚Hypoclit'“ (SS 2018).

Example of a Multimedial Reading Journal (picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4, picture 5) by Dilini Algama for the Seminar “Gendering Television Series” (SS 2013)

Please see the Student Work page for examples of other types of projects students have done for credit.

Preparing For Your Exam in Literary and Cultural Studies

Preparing For Your Exam in Literary and Cultural Studies

Sample Literature Lists

Sample Literature List with Three Topics

Sample Literature List for Oral Exam

Sample Exam For a BA Course

Sample Exam for a BA Course

Essay Advice

Writing Academic Papers in English – A Guide for German BA Students

Style Sheet (Updated 15 April 2015)

New Style Sheet for the Department of English, JLU

BA Thesis

Some Guidelines for Writing Your BA Thesis