Recent Talks


  • Lecture: “Legal Feelings and Mediated Expressions of Law” in the WLS Research Seminar by the School Of Law (18 January 2023), University of Warwick


  • Lecture: “After Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization: Naming and Resisting Anti-Feminist, Anti-Trans, and Racist Tropes and Narratives in Current U.S. Law” in the workshop “When Dystopia Becomes Reality: Law, Literature and the post-Roe v. Wade World” by the Research Platform “GAIN – Gender: Ambivalent In_Visibilities” (2 December 2022), University of Vienna
  • Panel Contribution: “Reading Kamala Harris’s Vice-Presidency Intersectionally” at the conference “The Emergence of Gendered Power Structures since Early Modern Times: Practices, Norms, Media” (24 November 2022), University of Marburg
  • “Life after Dobbs” – Pre-Midterm Event with Dr. Michaela Dudley and Laura Borchert (7 November 2022), University of Giessen
  • “Naming and Resisting Anti-Feminist and Anti-LGBTQIA Narratives and Tropes: Philology as Political Practice,” 49th Annual Conference of the Austrian Association for American Studies (AAAS) on “Narrative, Environment, Social Justice” (21 October 2022), Unipark Nonntal, Salzburg
  • Featured Lecture: “Von der Schwierigkeit und Notwendigkeit feministisch zu arbieten,“ Femme*Festival Giessen (21 September 2022), University of Giessen
  • “From Legal Culture to Cultures of Legality”at the Final Conference “The Käte Hamburger Center ‘Law as Culture’: Reflecting on a Paradigm and a Format of Knowledge” (12 May 2022), University of Bonn
  • Presentation on “Sexism and Racism in Images of Migration: Comparing Images from the ‘Crisis’ (2015/16) to those of Migration from Ukraine (2022)” in the panel “En-Gendering Borders: Media and Migration Reframed” with Jennifer Kamau, Krista Lynes, and Veronika Zablotsky (29 April 2022), University of Giessen
  • Towards Decolonial Trans Feminist Womxn” at the Final International Conference on Homo Mimeticus, “The Mimetic Turn” (22 April 2022), University of Leuven
  • Lecture on “Law and the Material Turn, Research Seminar” at the Minerva Center for Human Rights (18 February 2022), University of Tel Aviv
  • Lecture with Laura Borchert on “Narrative Authority, Affective Unreliability, and Transing Law” at the Dynamisches Cluster „Feministische Perspektiven auf Recht und Literatur“ des SFB 1385 (10 February 2022), University of Münster

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